About The Show

I play only transgender and nonbinary artists, I prefer to play music less than 2 years old from active artists. If you choose to buy something because you heard it on the show, then I'm fulfilling my goal of helping to grow and promote the diy and indie music scenes I like listening to, and supporting my fellow trans people in the meantime.

I am 24 transfeminine/nonbinary dyke. I write about Buddhism, anarchism, punk, and diy because I truly believe people should be in control of their own lives. In 2022, that means in control of their data too.

What is a person? There's no satisfactory answer, but I think a person is at least a little bit of an illusion.

Buddhist thought indicates no-self, that the self as it is commonly understood simply does not exist. "I" am a process, not a thing. I have a body made up of many organs made of many living cells made of many non-living molecules and many more non-living atoms, yet I am alive. Life is an activity, not a state of matter on its own. So if I am to be alive, it is by doing the actions of life. I move, eat, drink, sweat, breathe. Those are my actions of life, but there are more. I speak, I connect, I mediate, I love. Those too are the actions of living. My words and ideas are part of who I am, and that means this website is part of me, the mind made material and browsable for all of you.

That means that my bodily autonomy should apply to my website, to a degree. I don't want anyone touching my corpus without asking first, but I do want my public website read. It is a joy to be known here, where I carefully construct from colors, space, and words a body without organs, though not in the G&D sense. Here my body is writing, hyperlinks, hexadecimal color codes. Here, my body is the website, directly produced by the mind. My physical body, the one made of cells, is also of my own creation, but not so directly as my website.

I hope some of you will take to thinking of your websites as parts of your body, and then imagining how we build new understandings from that. How do we protect people when part of them is distributed on servers others own? How does the physical technology interface with the virtual, and with the flesh? Once, a friend held up their smartphone and said, "This is part of my sensorium, this is part of me." We were discussing how the brain uses tools as extensions of the body. A hammer is not "seen" by the motor cortex as an object in the hand, but as part of the arm optimized for striking. In that way, the camera is an eye optimized for memory; the keyboard, a voice optimized for online, a whole suite of sensors and feedback devices to extend our bodies and minds beyond mere physicality.

I'm actually a bit of a primitivist, but not full on. I like the phrase "post-civilization" to describe my dream of an ecological existence that still has led lights and synthetic estrogen, but not personal cars or stock exchanges. I'm pretty sure life would be better if it was focused on providing Food, Shelter, Medecine, and Clothing first and Hanging Out second. Nothing else, unless it's part of your version of Hanging Out. In that world, I imagine I would still want to use the internet, but this kind of beautiful web.0 internet, not the facebook kind. And this internet is cheap to host, run, share. We could produce a robust, truly decentralized internet that empowered communication and learning, without so much of the bad stuff.

Everything on this page is subject to change. djtree builds a Living Website.

Thanks for showing up, please be kind.